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Battle At The Burg

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Theme Bike
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This year at Battle at the Burg we have added a fundraising component to help give back to others in need. Our charity partner for 2013 is World Bicycle Relie, an 053organization dedicated to transforming individuals and communities through the Power of Bicycles. If you are interested in adding a fundraising component to your training and racing efforts, we will be working closely with them to help to make this option available. Any athlete who raises over $1000 will be eligible to be the recipient of our Theme Bike this year! This bike is valued at over $3500 and would be great to add to your fleet!

Setting up a page is simple:

1) Sign up for a fundraiser page here. It takes less than two minutes to create an account and start your page.

2) Label it "Your Name's Battle at the Burg Fundraising Page"

0523) Start your fundraising!

We'll keep track of overall athlete's progress as well as how much we raise as a group. Claire from World Bicycle Relief will be available to support you in your efforts.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of others